How acupuncture helps you lose weight

Losing weight is a lifelong struggle for most people, and most of them are willing to try everything, from trying the latest diets and exercise fads, to going under the knife just to get rid of excess fat and sculpt the body into a more desirable shape. The principle is easy enough, but the execution is tricky – consuming a balanced diet and keeping your calorie count low and exercising regularly have been proven to be the most effective ways to lose weight and keep it off. Apart from these, there is another holistic way to help you lose excess pounds – acupuncture.

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medical practice that’s concerned with energy and how its flow affects the body. It is based on the belief that a healthy person’s life energy or qi flows through a network of meridians or channels, and blocking these passages causes pain or disease. In acupuncture, needles are inserted to rid the body of any blockage, restore the flow of qi, and cure diseases.

Modern practitioners claim that acupuncture helps them activate or calm certain nerves essential to staying in the pink of health, as well as keep muscles and connective tissues in optimum condition with the help of sterile needles, electricity, and magnets.

Acupuncture helps you lose weight

Acupuncture is known for its ability to address conditions like arthritis and chronic pain, it can also be used to facilitate weight loss. It is believed that the outer ear represents the entire body, so stimulating its key points with needles or magnets or both helps reduce your appetite and boost your metabolism.

There have been many reports that claim obese patients that had underwent five-point ear acupuncture lost significantly more weight than those who only had one-point acupuncture. Other reports further claimed that since acupuncture is also considered a “mind healer,” it is able to make patients believe that they can lose weight, thus motivating them to stay on track with their goals.

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners believe that too much weight gain is caused by an imbalance in the body because of a spleen or liver malfunction. This is why acupuncture practitioners target specific body areas that impact weight loss, including the endocrine system and the kidneys.

By stimulating these areas, you can ease water retention and stimulate the nerve and hormonal re-balance. The spleen and thyroid glands, which are believed to regulate sugar and hormonal balances, are also addressed. The adrenal and ovary glands are also stimulated to address weight gain issues caused by menopause or premenstrual syndrome.

In a recent study participated in by 20 women, half of the women who got weekly 15-minute ear acupuncture treatment lost an average of almost 10 pounds, while those who did not, lost about three pounds. Additionally, the acupuncture group reported that their appetites have decreased, too.

Keep in mind, however, that for a weight loss program to be truly effective, a diet with reduced calories and adequate physical exercise must always be followed, and ear acupuncture treatments must only be administered by a qualified acupuncturist.

Other benefits of acupuncture

Acupuncture is associated with a bunch of other health benefits besides weight loss and pain relief. Here are some of them:

  • Stress relief – Some people who seek acupuncture treatment do so to get reprieve from common stressors.
  • Reduced eye strain – For people who work in front of a computer screen all day, an acupuncture session can help relax the eyes and prevent long-lasting damage caused by strain.
  • Relief from allergies – Those who don’t want to turn to chemical medication to manage their allergies can turn to acupuncture instead.
  • Mental clarity – The mind can become muddled by repeated stress, but the relief that acupuncture offers can clear up your mind and help you be ready to face any mental challenge.

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