Extreme fitness workouts for the week of July 11-17

(MensFitnessFocus.com) This is a new feature we’re going to add here on a weekly basis: An “extreme” fitness workout for guys who are seriously looking to get in the very best shape of their lives – and are willing (and able – consult your doctor if need be!) to put in the work to get it done. A word of caution right out of the gate: These workouts are not for the faint of heart. Not trying to scare anyone or sound like badasses but the fact is, these workouts are not easy. You’ve been warned.

Now, having said that, the workouts we’ll be bringing you over the coming weeks and months will get you a long way down the road to maximum fitness and help you finally achieve your goal of not simply being in “shape” but being fit – as in, fit enough to fight, if need be. You’ll see what we mean once you start getting into them.

For these first few weeks we are going to go a little easy on you – that is, we’re not going to have you go full-out, with your you-know-whats to the wall because frankly, these workouts will take time to get used to. You’re really going to have to work into them; very few people can simply jump on the maximum workouts we plan to publish in the weeks ahead on Day 1. A primary objective is to move fairly quickly through these workouts; at most they should take you 25-30 minutes to complete, but if you hold true to the spirit of the workout, you’ll be sucking wind by the time you finish, and that’s the point. The workouts are designed not only to improve your stamina and overall fitness, but to increase your strength as well.

So, without further ado, here are the week’s extreme workouts, with rest days thrown in. See how far along you can get, but pace yourself at first (later, you’ll be pushing yourself to new limits) and by all means if you even think you might have a health problem, don’t do any of these until you consult your doctor or primary care provider. And as always, make sure you take a few moments before you get started to stretch and warm up a little.

You’ll also note we’re not giving you three rest days – you get two. Remember: Maximum fitness. You gotta put in the work.

Make sure to check in daily for the latest fitness news and information for men, and also to ensure you don’t miss each week’s extreme fitness workout schedule, posted every Monday.

Note: Your gym may not have all of this equipment but if you can find one that does, you’ll thank us for it, especially after you reach maximum fitness – and you will.

Here goes:

July 11: 

— 40 tire flips (like this – but find one you can handle) (4 sets of 10)

— 80 10-12 pound sledge hammer strikes (use your tire) (4 sets of 20)

Rest 60 seconds in between each set – but a “set” consists of your 10 tire flips immediately followed by your 20 hammer strikes)


— 60 barbell curls (40-50 pounds; 6 sets of 10)

— 60 kettle bell swings (6 sets of 10)

— 60 mountain climbers (6 sets of 10)

Rest for 60 seconds; a “set” consists of curls/swings/climbers in quick succession.

— Finish with 3 1-minute rounds on the heavy bag, resting for 1 minute in between rounds.

July 12:

— 3 rounds of lat pulldowns to exhaustion (“exhaustion” means select a weight that is comfortable for you and do as many as you can)

— 3 rounds of lat pushdowns to exhaustion

— 20 seconds rope climbing machine x 3

Rest for 60 seconds; move from machine to machine and do all three for 1 set.

— 40 burpees (4 sets of 10)

— 16 side-to-sides (shuffling side to side x 30 yards left to right, right to left)

Rest for 60 seconds; a “set” consists of 10 burpees and 4 side-to-sides)

— 3 rds. heavy bag in between (30 secs)

Rest for 60 seconds in between rounds.

July 13: Rest day

July 14:

— 40 tire flips (like this – but find one you can handle) (4 sets of 10)

— 80 10-12 pound sledge hammer strikes (use your tire) (4 sets of 20)

Rest 60 seconds in between each set – but a “set” consists of your 10 tire flips immediately followed by your 20 hammer strikes)

— 3 – 30 second Jacob’s Ladder (or similar stairclimber machine) – quick pace

— 30 overhead presses (find a comfortably weighted barbell) (3 sets of 10)

— 45 Kettle bell swings (3 sets of 15)

Rest for 60 seconds (a “set” is ladder climber/presses/swings).

— 3 rounds heavy bag (1 minute rounds)

July 15

— 40 tire flips (4 sets of 10)

— 80 sledgehammer strikes (4 sets of 20)

Rest for 60 seconds (a “set” consists of flips/strikes).

— 3 rounds ea. chest press machine/pec deck to exhaustion

— 3 rounds dips to exhaustion

Rest for 30 seconds (a “set” consists of chest press/pec deck/dips).

— 2 rounds heavy bag (1 minute rounds)

— 4 sets of ab crunches to exhaustion

July 16: Rest day

July 17: 

— 5 50-yard sprints

Rest for 30 seconds in between sprints

— 40 kettle bell swings (4 sets of 10)

— 60 flies ( 4 sets of 15 – select a comfortable pair of weights)

— 40 hack squats (4 sets of 10)

Rest for 60 seconds; a “set” consists of swings/flies/squats.

— 3 rounds heavy bag (1-minute rounds)

— 30-second planks

Rest for 60 seconds; a “set” consists of 1 minute on the heavy bag immediately followed by the plank).

— Hit the stairclimber and set it for a speed that will take a few minutes before it exhausts you.

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