Calorie-burning, fast-paced, high intensity: The workout that keeps on giving

( There are “workouts” and then there are workouts. Not all are created equal and by all means, not everyone is capable of doing the same things as others. But if you’re trying to tank that beer gut, deep-six the cellulite and feel alive after your workout, then it’s high-intensity or its nothing.

A word about just lifting weights.

Getting big is important, of course, because it means getting stronger as well. But you will discover that strength is not the same thing as fitness, and probably at the worst time. What you gain in strength you lose in endurance, so if you’re in a tussle with some other dude, you might be stronger than he is but if he is more fit, you’re going to get your backside handed to you.  So strength plus fitness should be your goal.

There is only one way to achieve that: High-intensity, calorie-burning, fast-paced workouts. Extreme fitness workouts.

“High intensity means using as much energy as you can during exercise in a small amount of time,” Laura Miele-Pascoe, PhD, a professor of coaching education for Ohio University online, told WebMD.

“You need to train hard enough that the workout is at least moderately uncomfortable,” adds Mike Young, PhD, owner and founder of Athletic Lab Sports Performance Training Center in Cary, NC. “If you’re able to hold a conversation during the work periods, you’re probably not training hard enough.”


So, with that in mind, here is today’s arse-kicking, extreme fitness, can’t-talk-while-you’re-doing-it workout. And remember, minimal rest in between sets. You want to do this workout as quickly as possible; that’s the stamina/fitness portion. Don’t cheat yourself.


5 rounds

— 30-yard sled pull with 2-4 45 lbs plates

— 20 sledge hammer strikes (use the tire you flip to bang on)


5 rounds

— 10 kettle bell swings

— 30-second rope climber

— side-to-side straddle (shuffling your feet from side to side) – 30 yards


5 rounds

— 30 seconds on the heavy bag non-stop punching

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