The Fitness Marshall takes by storm, unleashing “Dance Workout” videos that are a must-see

You think you’ve seen a dance workout video?

Nuh-uh. Not until you’ve seen one of the Dance Workout videos by Caleb Marshall, billed as “YouTube’s hottest fitness pop star.” (@TheFitMarshall)

Four of his Dance Workout videos have been posted to, and while the views aren’t high yet (because the channel is new), I know you’ll be sharing these videos with your friends and family the moment you see what’s in store.

His full channel at is found at:

There, you’ll find four of his hottest dance hits, including “Me Too,” “Level Up,” “Trumpets” and the amazing “Taki Taki.” (See some of those videos embedded below.)

Why do I like the Fitness Marshall’s dance videos? Because here’s a guy who’s not afraid to put it all out there. Although he no doubt receives all sorts of bizarre comments on YouTube — don’t we all? — he’s actually showing people how to pursue a really effective cardio workout that also boosts flexibility, stamina and strength. Plus, he seems to be having more fun than anybody else in the whole world, and you can’t help but enjoy the thing, even if you’re just watching and not even dancing.

Besides, we’ve all seen way too many dance videos with sexy girls and sexy guys moving their bods, but so what? The Fitness Marshall is a big, dancing white dude dressed up like a military commando — yeah, he twerks, too — and his dance partners are not fitness celebrities at all. It’s more like real people having an unbelievably fun time in a down-to-Earth environment, going all-out for the cameras without holding back. How can that not be intriguing?

The Fitness Marshall is one guy who absolutely isn’t afraid to just be himself.

Don’t miss the Taki Taki Dance Workout:

And then there’s Trumpets, another can’t miss dance workout video:

See the full channel at:

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